Filmed live, April 3rd, 2014. The University of Toledo.                                            Latitude 49 is: Jason Paige, clarinet. Andy Hall, saxophone. Chris Sies, percussion. Jani Parsons, piano. Timothy Steeves, violin. Jacobsen Wollen, cello.

Excerpt from the program note by Timothy Steeves: "Tomas Gueglio-Saccone’s Sextet II is a wonderful example of economy and atmosphere. The texture of the piece is sparse but the sonic landscape is compelling and engrossing. Each sonic event therefore becomes and invaluable addition of color and sonority. Tomas
writes, “The expressive ‘stuff’ of the piece relies less on situations than on the characters themselves and on the location of those characters in space rather than in their interaction.” Sextet II actually began life as a solo violin piece Mil Panaderos (Thousand Bakers) before Tomas expanded his conception of the piece. Due to the work’s textural clarity the addition of five other musicians does not constitute a musical reworking so much as a coloristic expansion"