Live performance at the Centro de Experimentación del Teatro Colón de Buenos Aires. Festival Antdiáspora. June 18, 2016. (Mov. I: 0' Mov. II: 2'45'' Mov. III: 4'50'' Mov. IV: 6' 40'')

Nuntempe is: Ariel Elijovich, Manuel Moreno, Pablo Boltshauser, and Andrés Vaccarelli.






Filmed Live. May 20, 2016. Logan Center Performance Hall at the University of Chicago. 0'' - Prelude.  6'16'' - "I Will Confess To You".  10'27'' - "Thou Love Me?"

Personnel: Cruz Gonzalez Cadel and Paloma Nozicka, actors. Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano. Tim Munro, flutes. Michael Maccaferri, clarinets. Doug Perkins, percussion. Lisa Kaplan, piano. Ben Melsky, harp. Austin Wulliman and Clara Lyon, violins, Rose Armbrust, viola, Nicholas Photinos, cello. Cliff Colnot, conductor




The Nokia Etudes are a series of loosely scripted works for prepared piano. The drone in the lower strings is set in motion by an Arduino-based device and controlled with Max-MSP. 

All the sounds in this piece are acoustic. No playback or digital processing is employed.Listening with a good set of headphones is recommended.






Performers and co-creators: Dancers: Surasí Lavalle and Omar Carrum. Original Music: Tomás Gueglio. Video editing: Omar Carrum. Cameras: Renato González and Claudia Lavista. Direction and conception: Claudia Lavista*

Project made thanks to the support of The Mellon Fellowship for Arts Practice and Scholarship at the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry at The University of Chicago.





Recorded live, April 3rd, 2014. The University of Toledo.

Latitude 49 is: Jason Paige, clarinet. Andy Hall, saxophone. Chris Sies, percussion. Jani Parsons, piano. Timothy Steeves, violin. Jacobsen Wollen, cello.





Filmed Live, May 16 2014. Ganz Hall at Roosevelt University. 

Cruz Gonzalez Cadel, actor. eighth blackbird.







April 17, 2013. Fulton Recital Hall at the University of Chicago. Marco Fusi, Violin. 








May 11, 2012. Fulton Hall at the University of Chicago.

Pacifica SQ are: Simin Ganatra, violin.  Sibbi Bernhardsson, violin.  Masumi Per Rostad, viola. Brandon Vamos, cello.