Tomas Gueglio's Teaching Portfolio - Students' Work Examples from Intro to Music: Materials and Design

 No- Prompt composition: These projects have very little to none technical or stylistic limitations.  Around Week 6, the students present their ideas which are then worked out in individual 20' composition lessons.  I think of these projects as an outlet for individual students to explore according to their personal interest and sensibility.  

For this project,  Austin and Lucas pretended to be partners in a company providing music for TV and Film. This music would be played during the opening credits of an imaginary TV show.  

Peter is a pianist by training and wanted to work on a piece in the Romantic style. We settled on a Chopin ballad as the model. (Click for Score)

Composition Assignment 3: This is the last composition assignment for the course and it integrates many of the concepts covered in class. The students have to produce an electronic piece (60's style) by transforming and tweaking six monosyllabic words of their choosing. They have one week to complete the assignment. The project is realized in Audacity, a user-friendly freeware for audio editing.

Time-map: A Time-map is a chronometric report of events for a given musical fragment. The proposed method is to begin by identifying larger changes in mood and texture to progressively focus in smaller levels of structure and details in the music. Through focused and repeated listening, aspects of the music that initially might have passed unnoticed are revealed.

Example: Click for Andrew Molina's Time-map on the opening of Rave'l Piano Concerto.

Concert Reports: The goal of the concert reports is to develop the ability to describe music using terminology learned in class and to encourage the students to part-take in the amazing cultural activities the University of Chicago campus has to offer. 

Example: Click for Anne Qiu's report on Contempo's Focus on Europe.

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