Koussevitzky Foundation Commission - Audio Files

Track #1. Enfants de mon Silence (2009) for soprano and ensemble (9’30’) (for an excerpt please listen from 1’50'' to 4’00’’) Enfants de mon Silence is a setting of Paul Valery’s poem Les Pas. The connection to Debussy’s Des pas sur la neige was immediate: both the poem and the prelude seem to share a common pathos hence my decision of taking the Debussy as a compositional point of departure. Although direct quotation does not happen much in Enfants…, its array of materials is completely derived from the prelude. In that respect, I intend Enfants…to be a tip-of-the-hat to Debussy, a humble homage to one of the composers whose music I admire the most. SCORE

Live recording from the premiere. March 9, 2009.  Setnor Auditorium. Syracuse University. Performed by Sequitur. Judith Kellock, soprano. Paul Hostetter, cond.

Track #2. Tres Decals (2014)  for octet (8’) Tres Decals consists of an ascending melody over which layers of ornamentation take place. Both the melody and the ornamentation respond to a series of permutational strategies that remain mostly untransformed over the span of the work. Despite the fact that the piece came to be as the layering of rather detached technical moves, my associations as I write this program note point towards the autobiographical: as I finished the piece, I was two weeks away from becoming a father for the first time, my former office literally turned into a nursery decorated with…decals. As a consequence, I tend to map many features of Tres Decals with tropes of infancy: the plain melody with the lullaby, the superimposition of pulses with the music-box, and the pervasive bits of major scales with the pitch material of, for instance, crib mobiles. In other words, Tres Decals is built with what, I imagine, are the sonic "day’s residues” in the dream of an infant. SCORE

Live recording from the premiere. July 31, 2014. Wellesley Composers Conference. James Baker, conductor

Track #3. On Love - Triptych based on W. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (excerpt) (2016) for two actors, soprano and ensemble (7’) (the following excerpt corresponds to m. 54 through m. 150. The complete script for the actors can be found at the front matter of the score. The actors enter on the second movement, 2’50’’ in the recording) 

On Love is a peculiar take on the radio soap-opera genre. It is in three movements and features two distinct superimposed layers: music and text. The music layer, performed by the instruments and the soprano, constitutes an idiosyncratic re-imagination of William Byrd’s masses. The second layer (that remains "tacet" until the beginning of the second movement) is performed by the actors and could be described as "speech-music". The material employed to compose this second layer is every sentence in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet that features the word “love” plus fragments of two soliloquies: Juliet's in the balcony (act 2, scene 2) and Romeo's at the grave (act 5, scene 3). SCORE

Live Recording from the premiere. May 20, 2016. Logan Center Performance Hall at the University of Chicago. Personnel: Cruz Gonzalez Cadel and Paloma Nozicka, actors. Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, soprano. University of Chicago Contempo. Cliff Colnot, conductor. For a video the complete work: https://vimeo.com/169631911